Uber Phone Number

Uber Phone Number – Uber Contact Number

Uber phone number & Uber customer service number

Looking for the Uber customer service number?

To Contact Uber (in case of emergency), call their toll-free number at:

800-353-8237 (U B E R)

Contacting Uber

Uber does not have a traditional phone number (or maintain a regular ‘call center support staff’ which fields questions & inquiries). Instead, Uber relies on other methods of communicating with passengers & Uber Partners.

Most questions & inquiries are answered via email or through in-app support.

Uber Passengers:

If you’re an Uber passenger, and you’d like to get in touch with Uber, you can contact them using their Help Portal, or follow the guidelines outlined HERE for submitting a direct inquiry to Uber Support staff.

Uber Drivers:

Uber Drivers:

For Uber Partners/Drivers, you can get in touch with Uber using in-app support, or by contacting them locally through a greenlight/local email address.

Drivers can also stop by their local Greenlight Hub and speak to Uber representatives in person.

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