Uber Huntsville

Uber Huntsville: Prices & Driver Requirements


Uber Huntsville: The company currently offers one service in Huntsville, Alabama:

UberX (a low-cost option which seats up to four passengers).


The current rates for Huntsville services are as follows:

Base Fare: $1.80
Per Minute: $0.20
Per Mile: $1.50
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.45

How to Become an Uber Driver in Huntsville:

UberX/XL requirements:

  •  Driver must be at least 21 years of age
  •  Drivers must provide valid AL driver’s license.
  •  Drivers must pass a screening process (details below)
  •  Drivers must have an accepted vehicle (check below for additional info)

UberX/XL Vehicle Requirements:

As a company, Uber doesn’t own or operate any vehicles (all Uber Vehicles are driver-owned or leased). If you want to drive for Uber, you have to use your own vehicle.

  • Your vehicle must have 4 doors (which open independently).
  • Your vehicle must be from the year 2005 or newer.
  • You must have a clean title (no salvage vehicles are allowed).
  • Your vehicle must be in excellent condition (cosmetically & mechanically).
  • Your vehicle cannot be a large van, or a former or current taxi vehicle.

For UberXL:

  • All of the points listed above apply equally to XL.
  • All XL vehicles must seat the driver AND at least 6 additional passengers.

UberX/XL document requirements:

  • All Uber drivers must provide these documents for their Uber account to be officially activated:
  • Valid driver’s license (DMV License)
  • Vehicle Registration (Copy of Registration Card)

Driver’s License:

Your driver’s license should clearly show these items:  License Issue Date, your license number, your Date of Birth (DOB – you must be 21 Years of Age or older to be an Uber Driver), and the License Expiry Date


Alabama Vehicle Registration:


Proof of Vehicle Insurance:


Uber Huntsville Vehicle Inspection:

You will have to get your vehicle inspected by a certified mechanics if you intend to become a driver in Huntsville, Alabama.

Get in touch with Uber ([email protected]) in order to find an auto-body shop in the Huntsville area at a discounted price.


Trade Dress:

Drivers Must Display ‘Trade Dress’ in order to drive in Hunstville:


You can print a temporary Trade Dress ‘U’ Sign using this link.

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