How to use the Uber app | Sign up and ride

Learn how to use the Uber app to request a ride. Sign up online or download the app to take your first ride. How to use the Uber App What is the Uber App? The Uber app is a ridesharing application that allows you to request a ride in over 66 countries using your smartphone. The … Read more

How to use an Uber promo code

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Add Uber promo code. How to apply an Uber Promo Code to Your Account

If you have an Uber referral code, you can share it with friends and family, and you’ll receive Uber credit after they’ve taken their first Uber trip.

If you want to add your Uber Promo Code to your account, you can apply credit at any point — even if you’re in an Uber vehicle — (simply enter your referral code before your Uber trip ends).

Enter your Uber promo code & the amount, and it will be applied directly to your Uber trip’s fare.

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Uber Promo Code Help

uber promo code help - im having problems with my uber promo code

Uber Promo Code Troubleshooting

‘My Uber Promo Code Doesn’t Work’

‘Why doesn’t my Uber promo code work?’

If you’re having trouble using a promo code (or applying Uber credit for a trip), check out our guide below to learn how to ensure your promo code is applied properly:

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