Uber Services

Uber Services

With so many options, choosing between the Uber services can seem like a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done our best to break down each Uber service as much as possible to help you choose the car that’s best for you.

Tip for selecting between Uber services: When ordering an Uber, look at the bottom of your phone’s screen (check the picture above).

There’s a slider that lets you select between the different car services. Slide to the one you want and then select “Set Pickup Location” to request your ride.

Happy riding!

Uber Services



What is UberX?

UberX is the most popular service Uber offers. Marketed as Uber’s “low-cost option”, it is much more affordable than traditional cab or private car services.



What is UberXL

UberXL is the extra-large version of UberX. It can carry 6 passengers and usually has extra space for luggage.



Uber Select Wiki - What is UberSelect?

UberSELECT is a step above UberX offering you an affordable version of a luxury car service.



What is UberBLACK?

UberBLACK allows you to get picked up by a professional chauffeur in a luxury black on black sedan with the same convenience as basic Uber’s basic car offerings.



What is Uber SUV

UberSUV is essentially the same as UberBLACK, except instead of a sedan, a luxury SUV will come cruising up to take you and up to 5 others wherever you want to go.



What is UberLUX?

The highest-end service Uber currently offers, UberLUX lets you arrive in style with only the top-rated drivers in premium vehicles: Model S,  BMW 7-Series, S-Class Mercedes, etc.


What is UberPool?

UberPOOL allows you to share a ride (and the cost) with another passenger headed in the same direction.

Because you will be sharing your ride with another party, you can only bring one passenger along with you on an UberPOOL ride.



What is UberEATS?

UberEATS is an on-demand meal delivery service. It is very fast, able to deliver meals in as little as 5-minutes of ordering.



What is UberT?

UberT or UberTAXI allows you to use the Uber app to hail a traditional taxi or yellow cab.