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Information for riders of Uber and Lyft.

uber basics

Uber Basics

Our Complete ‘Uber Basics’ Guide


Lyft basics

Lyft Basics

Our Complete Lyft Basics Guide (coming soon)

  • What is Lyft?
  • What services does Lyft offer?
  • How much does Lyft cost?
  • Why does the pink mustache mean?
  • What is Lyft Prime Time?


Lyft vs Uber 2016 Clash of the Titans

Lyft vs Uber: Clash of the Titans

Lyft vs Uber – Which is better? We pit the two ridesharing giants against each other in this post and having them ruthlessly compete against each other.

VOTE for your favorite rideshare company at the end of the post!

Uber Stock

Uber Stock: A guide

In this overview of Uber stock, we’ll go over some basic questions such as:

  • Can I buy Uber stock?
  • If so, how do I buy shares of Uber Technologies, Inc?
  • And… Should I buy Uber stock?


  • Wendell

    I’m not receiving a ping while in the surge..how can i ensure my phone is working properly?

  • Jan Rivero

    How early can I get an Uber to CHO?

  • José Ponce

    Where can I find my ride ID # thanks.

  • Peter Morreale

    I want to know how much an hour and year in Jacksonville, Fl.?

  • Bartt

    I’ve recently had several Uber drivers cancel trips and leaving the me with the cancellation charge.