Uber Vugo and Viewswagen

Viewswagen Uber Vugo Uber Advertising

Uber Vugo – Uber Driver Earnings from Vugo 

What is Vugo? How much money do Uber drivers make from Vugo?

Based on Uber’s tremendous success as a global rideshare provider, third-party advertising companies have begun offering incentives for rideshare drivers to install advertising platforms inside their ridesharing vehicles.

How do these platforms work – and how do they benefit Uber Drivers?

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Uber Owner

who owns uber

Uber Owner – Who Owns Uber?

Uber Owner – Profile of Uber’s Owners & CEO

Who owns Uber Technologies Inc.?

Travis Kalanick is the CEO and owner (and public face) of Uber Technologies Inc — however, a variety of private companies and investors are technically the true ‘owners’ of Uber Technologies Inc, which is not yet a publicly-owned company.

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Taxi Later App

TaxiLater App

Uber TaxiLater

 TaxiLater — How Does It Work?

If you thought Uber was a convenient taxi alternative, then things are about to get even simpler.

With TaxiLater, a new and highly effective app, you can schedule an Uber pick-up for a specific time and location. Basically, this app allows you to plan ahead, ensuring that you’ll have a ride when you need one (the service is very similar to Uber new feature called Scheduled Rides).

If you’re interested in trying it out, here’s what you’ll need to do:

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Where (and Why) is Rideshare banned?

Where is Rideshare Banned?

Where (and Why) is Rideshare Banned? Uber may be the highest-valued rideshare company in the world, but it’s also the most controversial. Despite its widespread success, the company’s path to total-market domination is still very bumpy — many countries (and large metropolitan areas) around the world are still highly resistant to rideshare adoption, wishing to … Read more