Here are some ways to contact Uber:

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  • Uber Help Portal:
    This is generally speaking your main “Uber Customer Service” portal, whether you’re an Uber partner or a passenger. Go to, select between “for riders” and “for partners” and you’ll find a variety of frequently asked questions, responses and other helpful tools.
  • Uber Contact email: 
    If you’re in need of an actual human being to respond to you, contact Uber via email at Depending on your specific question, you’ll a receive anything from a generic customer service response to a completely individual response.
  • Uber Partner Sites and local Uber email contact: 
    Uber runs local online ‘contact centers’ that provide specific information for an area or a city. This can be anything from Uber car requirements, specific requirements to enter local airport premises, or business hours for local Uber offices.
  • Uber App: 
    The ride sharing app offers a direct Uber contact option for partners and passengers. If you’re a partner, the app will be slightly different than if you’re using it as an Uber driver.
  • Uber live chat: 
    This is a fairly new feature that is part of Uber Customer Service. You have the opportunity to speak with an Uber representative in a live chat a receive an immediate response.
    Business hours for the live chat are: Monday – Friday 5am to 12am Pacific Standard Time.
    Here’s the link to Uber’s live chat:
  • Visit local Uber office: 
    Major cities and Uber service areas mostly have a physical office where you can meet Uber representatives. No appointment needed, but we highly recommend checking the business hours on the Local Uber Partner Site before heading over.


Emergency Only!! Critical Safety Response Line: 
Please note that this line is strictly for users who require safety-related assistance and not an Uber contact phone number!

800-353-8237 (UBER)

For more details and information on Uber Customer Service, click here.

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