Mission statement:

I Drive WIth Uber - Sharing The Uber ExperienceI Drive With Uber (IDWU) is committed to providing a reliable platform with comprehensive information for everyone interested in participating in the emerging rideshare world.
At I Drive with Uber we aggregate and organize valuable information and tools for the Rideshare Community, for both users and drivers, and conveniently present it in one online meeting place (IDWU).

Why I drive with Uber?

We strongly believe in the opportunities that the emerging and rapidly growing ‘gig economy’ offers. Individuals from all walks of life, many of whom are simply looking for a more flexible and independent lifestyle.  People are increasingly able to have the option to operate as micro-entrepreneurs on their own schedule, part-time or full-time.

Rapidly growing Transportation Network Companies (TNC), such as Uber and Lyft, are creating more connected and flexible urban areas. Until recently, there has been an unmet need for more progressive transportation systems in cities and metropolitan areas, all over the world. TNCs are meeting that need — offering a promising new system of adaptable, dynamic and affordable urban transportation.

As with any rapidly-expanding phenomena, a wide range of challenges and policy issues accompany the explosive growth of ridesharing services. The world of Uber, Lyft and other TNCs is still extremely new. There is a vast hunger for information and support within the ever-expanding TNC community.

The Transportation Revolution

At I Drive With Uber, we believe ridesharing — as a ‘transportation revolution’ and social phenomena — is bigger than just corporate growth, company profits, or emerging markets. For us, ridesharing and TNCs are catalysts for growth and change. Ridesharing is remaking cities and connecting citizens, entrepreneurs and communities all around the globe.

We aggregate and organize detailed information into one, easily-accessible knowledge database, allowing individuals interested in TNCs to learn about ridesharing systems. This is a natural harvester of employment opportunities; and new transportation initiatives from a trusted, comprehensive source.

Thank you for reading, and welcome to I Drive With Uber.

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What is Uber?

What is Uber?

December 2 2015

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