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How Much Do Uber Drivers Make – By City – in 2016?

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in 2016?

Curious about how much money Uber drivers make in 2016?

It’s what everyone wants to know: what does Uber pay? How much do Uber drivers earn...yearly (and also per-trip)?

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Hot Spots for Uber Drivers

Hot Spot Locations for Uber Drivers

If you’re a rideshare or Uber driver, and you’re interested in maximizing your profits, it’s helpful to know where your local ‘hot spots’ are. Hot Spots are geographic areas which experience extremely high passenger demand at certain times of the week. If you pay special attention to high-demand areas in your city, and tailor your driving schedule to fit those hours, you’ll have a much … Read more…

Top 5 Hybrids for Rideshare Drivers

Top 5 Hybrid Vehicles for Rideshare Drivers

If you’re a rideshare driver, and you want to maximize your profits and minimize your costs, a very effective strategy is to simply start driving a fuel-economy vehicle. Below is a list of IDWU’s favorite fuel-economy and hybrid vehicles for rideshare drivers: 5 Best Fuel-economy and Hybrid Vehicles For Rideshare Drivers – 2016 1. TOYOTA PRIUS The 2015 Toyota Prius is a great rideshare vehicle all-around. It’s … Read more…

Uber SUV Vehicle Requirements (2016)

Uber SUV Vehicle Requirements (2016)

Uber SUV Vehicle Requirements (2016) What are the car requirements for UberSUV in 2016? And what specific car types/models are accepted by the company? Currently, Uber requires that UberSUV vehicles be no older than 2012 (i.e., 2012 or newer) although in some markets 2008 vehicles are still allowable. It’s also important to remember than UberSUV vehicles must seat 6 passengers (minimum) and have a black … Read more…

Uber BLACK Vehicle Requirements

Uber BLACK Vehicle Requirements (2016)

Uber BLACK Vehicle Requirements (2016) If you’re interested in driving for UberBLACK, you probably want to know: what are the current car requirements for 2016? We’ve compiled a list below of car types which qualify for UberBLACK in 2016. Note: If you’re hoping to become a BLACK driver, it’s best to check with Uber first — they have a limited number of openings available, so … Read more…

The Future of Rideshare

Future of Rideshare

The Future of Rideshare: What’s The Next Big Thing? Everyone knows about ridesharing’s two largest competitors — Uber and Lyft — but are there any new competitors in today’s ridesharing market? What does the future of rideshare look like? Who are the ‘insurgent’ startups staking out new ground? Below, we profile some interesting companies which are attempting to compete against the ‘big dogs’ — and, … Read more…